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What we do for you:

  • Understand your unique situation & future aspirations.
  • Shop around & negotiate on your behalf for the 'BEST DEAL' from over 25+ lenders & 100+ products.
  • Take care of all the uninteresting task.
  • Be your first point of contact until settlement & beyond.

Why Choose Quest:

  • We Have industry qualified, experienced & fully accredited consultant(s).
  • Have access to a array of lenders (including Big 4, Credit Unions, Building Societies, No-Confirming lenders & other various specialised credit providers.
  • We take care of all the boring paperwork & admin part for you.
  • Negotiate your scenario with various lenders to get special rates that they sometimes offer us, hence we are 'Client Centric' Not "Lender Centric"
  • We help structure your loan that meets your current commitment & your future goals.
  • We are wholly independent & unbiased as we not owned by any Bank or Lender.
  • Friendly & amicable relationship, even after the life of the loan.
  • Regular Market Updates.
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